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BulletNotice for the Meeting of the Board of Directors/Closure of Trading Window - Jan'18
BulletNotice of Annual General Meeting - July'17
BulletNotice of Annual General Meeting - July'17(Gujarati Version)
BulletMeeting of Board of Directors / Closure of Trading Window - July'17
BulletDividend Distribution Policy - May'17
BulletIntimation of Board Meeting, Record Date and Closure of Trading Window - Apr'17
BulletIntimation of Board Meeting, Record Date and Closure of Trading Window - Feb'17
BulletChange in the time of Analyst / Institutional Investors Meet - Jan'17
BulletShares to be transferred to IEPF Fund - Jan'17
BulletMeeting of Board of Directors - Jan'17
BulletAppointment as an Independent Directors - Dec'16
BulletMeeting of Board of Directors - Oct'16
BulletAnnouncement of the consolidated Results of E-Voting and Poll conducted at the Twenty Second Annual General Meeting of Zydus Wellness Limited
BulletProceedings of the Twenty Second Annual General Meeting
BulletLimited Review Report - Aug'16
BulletMeeting of Board of Directors - Jul'16
BulletMeeting of Board of Directors - May'16
BulletCommittees of Board of Directors - Mar'16
BulletPublic Notice of AGM - Advertisement - Jun'15
BulletWhistle Blower Policy [Revised] - Jun'15
BulletCode of Insider Trading - May'15
BulletPolicy on Material Subsidiary - May'15
BulletPolicy on Related Party Transactions - May'15
BulletAppointment of Mr. Tarun Arora as Whole Time Director - May'15
BulletAudit Report - May'15
BulletIntimation of Book Closure in the Prescribed format - May'15
BulletCompliance under clause-20 of the listing aggrement- May'15
BulletDividend payment date - May'15
BulletOption to submit consolidated financial results - May'15
BulletStatement of Appropriations - May'15
BulletPolicy on Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors - Mar'15
BulletClause35ShareholdingPattern - Mar'15
BulletWhistle Blower Policy - Mar'15
BulletBookclosure BSE - Mar'15
BulletBookclosure NSE - Mar'15
BulletResignation Letter - MMP - Mar'15
BulletUnpaid Dividend Data as on 14th July, 2014 - Mar'15
BulletUnwillingness Letter - PRP [15.05.2014] - Mar'15
BulletLetter of Appointment to Independent Directors - Jan15
BulletCSR Policy - Nov14
BulletLimited Review Report - Nov14
BulletLimited Review Report - Jul14
BulletChange in Directors Notice
BulletLimited Review Report - Oct13
BulletDisclosure under clause 35A
BulletDeclaration of Interim Dividend - Clause 20
BulletInterim Dividend Payment Date
BulletRecord Date for Interim Dividend
BulletStatement of Appropriation - Clause 20
BulletAuditors Report - Clause 41
BulletOption for publishing Consolidated Accounts
BulletLimited Review Report
BulletProceedings of 18th AGM
BulletAdvertisement under section 154
BulletDisclosure under clause 35A
BulletAdvertisement 17th Annual General Meeting
BulletResult of Postal Ballot

Code of Conduct
BulletCode of Conduct for Directors and Sr Mgmt Personnel - Jan15
BulletCode of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board Members
BulletCode of Business Conduct and Ethics for Senior Management Personnel

Shareholding Pattern
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2018
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2017
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2017
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-06-2017
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2017
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2016
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-06-2016
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-12-2015
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2015
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2015
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2014
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2014
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2014
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2013
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2013
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-06-2013
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2013
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2012
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2012
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2012
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2011
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2011
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-06-2011
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-03-2011
BulletShareholding Pattern 31-12-2010
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-09-2010
BulletShareholding Pattern 30-06-2010

Details of Agreement entered into with Media Companies
The Company has entered into a Media Service Agreement with MediaVest Worldwide, a media specialist division of TLG India Private Limited (TLG). Pursuant to an agreement TLG will provide advertising and media consultancy services to the Company.

TLG or any of its associates do not hold any shares of the Company. Further, there are no nominees of TLG on the Board of the Company and TLG does not have any management control or potential conflict of interest arising out of the above agreement.


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